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Andrea Everhart

If you were to ask me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said a painter or marine biologist. At the chagrin of my teachers, my school work was covered in day dream sketches of beach scenes, animals and even some unflattering portraits of said teachers. As early as first grade, a teacher approached my mother about sending me to art school. Unfortunately, growing up with little means meant that this wasn't an option for me.

As a young adult I was blessed with an opportunity to be able to attend a local college sculpture class, this is where my passion switched from working with paint to clay. It was this opportunity that fueled my desire for more education. My quest to learn brought me to a small school in California. The classes I had taken paid off when my knowledge of mother molds and mold making landed me a job at a bronze foundry. I quickly became fascinated with the intricate steps of the casting process.

Now, after a decade of working in foundries, I'm able to do almost the entire casting process, from molds and wax work, to welding and metal work. I have had multiple opportunities to sculpt with and for many amazing artists to which I am very grateful. They have taught me many invaluable things.

As an artist residing in Arizona, I still struggle to find a passion to sculpt western art. It wasn't until I was hired to help sculpt a Hawaiian figure for an artist that I truly felt inspired, and fell in love with this unique theme. Following this project, I found myself on an amazing journey to the Hawaiian Islands. My destination was North Shore, Oahu, where I absorbed the beauty of the culture, and a desire to never leave what I felt was paradise. The Polynesian heritage has left a lasting impression on me as an artist.

This current body of work is a compilation of everything I have learned over the years, who I am, and where I would like to be. I have incorporated the designs out of love and fascination for the Polynesian culture. Some design elements are traditional and others are contemporary designs of today. I find the tattoos and tapa designs stunning. They are unique in a way that they are both very feminine with their beautiful patterns and round lines and also masculine with bold lines, sharp edges and points.

It is my hope that this art will find homes with those who dream about having their toes in the sand watching the waves, or for those who have cherished memories of the simplicity and beauty of Hawaii.

Andrea Everhart

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