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Alex Gupton

Alex Gupton began his career in artwork twenty years ago while studying business and art in University. A profitable pasttime painting murals soon became his full time profession. Although his background was Graphic Design, and his fine art centers in the tiny detail of pen and ink creations, he soon began to paint large-scale murals. With an amazing flare for Trompe L'oeil (to trick the eye), he soon was traveling the United States painting walls and ceilings for both private and corporate clients.

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Lying within and forming the image as a whole is actually a collection of smaller drawings. Scenes ranging from tropical beaches and lush landscapes to wildly stylized creatures all work together to form an image, which may take as long as three months to complete. The beauty and detail of his work will draw you in and keep you absorbed and intrigued with its intricacy.

"Graphic SaddleBack"
"Honu Making Waves"
"Goddess of the Deep"

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