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Ashton Howard

I am a fine art painter living in Pensacola, Florida with my wife Emilie among our family and friends.

I was born in 1979 and grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My love of art seems to have developed into many areas over the years and continues to be focused on the ocean and landscapes that surround me. Through painting, photography, and design the possibilities are endless and so are the hours that are involved each day; it is an obsession and one that I love very much.

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On one hand I love the pure creation and imagination it takes to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful painting and on the other I yearn for being outdoors with my camera capturing incredible moments that happen in nature. As I am typing this I realize how much time is spent on my computer creating, editing, and being an artist behind the screen. Our recently founded company Southbound Apparel has further developed my love for this aspect of fine art and the fun of using color and design in a modern way.

As I move forward in each of these realms, I want focus even more on telling stories through my paintings and photography.


"Diamond Back"
"Gold Burst Tryptic"
"North Shore Cove"

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